PaBel's NFTs
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PaBel's NFTs


🌈Welcome to Pabel's NFTs official Refinable page ⭐

Hello everyone.
I have always enjoyed drawing small sketches made with a few strokes of pen.
Now I have decided to transform the fruits of my hobby into NFTs, thinking that they will be of interest to "collectibles" enthusiasts.
It is an important step for me to share my idea with others and make available my drawings accumulated over the years.
It is with great pleasure that I present you the "PaBel's NFTs"!


The Collection, which will grow over time, is composed of:

Gift - Giveaway - Airdrops (for friends, family and community of supporters)
Special Project (limited edition functional to the project)
For everyone (50 pieces limited edition)
Common (20 pieces limited edition)
Rare (10 pieces limited edition)
Super rare (5 pieces limited edition)
Extra rare (2 pieces limited edition)
Single piece (Unique) (1 single item on auction or for sale)

(I'm resilient and ... curious) 🤪


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