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Illuminating Szabotage’s infamous koi tag that was born out of a sense of empowerment. The artist took a discouraging experience and evolved it in to a celebration of perception and embraced the koi as his street signature. Szabotage has taken the koi as his emblem, a symbol he has come to identify with himself. “The koi jumping out of water is jumping out of its comfort zone, from water to air. It is enjoyment, it’s invigorating. Characteristics associated with the koi, such as courage and perseverance are reflected in his art, with its boldness, strong symbolism and powerful colour palette.

The digital NFT comes together with a physical LED artwork. Shipment within Hong Kong is included within the purchase, and will be delivered within 4 weeks. Please contact [email protected] for shipping arrangements.

Neon Koi Fish, LED neon, 2021, 90cm X 60cm, Cable 5 meters 110-240V adapter, dimmer,HK/UK 13A plug


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Digital Art Fair Asia 2021

Digital Art Fair Asia 2021


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