PO_04.1 "My fifteen sunflowers (Pointillism)"

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PaBel's NFTs
PaBel's NFTs


Pointillism: I admit that I have a certain diffidence towards this pictorial technique which developed in France around 1870 and which consists in juxtaposing single points of color with great precision so that the observer's eye can perceive the overall color. Too much technique for my taste with the risk of a cold and motionless result. But, if interpreted in my own way with lightness and imagination, I must confess that I am having a lot of fun using it.

I've always liked revisiting the most beautiful works of great artists and I've always thought that Van Gogh's sunflowers were perfect so that the pointillism technique would enhance their intense chromatism, with a widespread use of cadmium yellow, and the tormenting tangle of flowers. Fantastic!

Unlike the original, I see it enhanced by the black background, what do you think?

PO_04.1 "My fifteen sunflowers (Pointillism)"

pb/Extra rare

This is a real hand made drawing by the author. Be wary of imitations. Royaltie reserved 10%


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PaBel's NFTs

PaBel's NFTs


🌈Welcome to Pabel's NFTs official Refinable page ⭐

Hello everyone.
I have always enjoyed drawing small sketches made with a few strokes of pen.
Now I have decided to transform the fruits of my hobby into NFTs, thinking that they will be of interest to "collectibles" enthusiasts.
It is an important step for me to share my idea with others and make available my drawings accumulated over the years.
It is with great pleasure that I present you the "PaBel's NFTs"!


The Collection, which will grow over time, is composed of:

- Gift - Giveaway - Airdrops (for friends, family and community of supporters)
- Special Project (limited edition functional to the project)
- For everyone (50 pieces limited edition)
- Common (20 pieces limited edition)
- Rare (10 pieces limited edition)
- Super rare (5 pieces limited edition)
- Extra rare (2 pieces limited edition)
- Single piece (Unique) (1 single item on auction or for sale)

(I'm resilient and ... curious) 🤪

TELEGRAM GROUP: https://t.me/PaBelsNFTs

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