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GENI Pass NFTs act as membership cards in the GemUni Gaming Platform, enabling users to access gaming networks play games to earn & trade in NFT Marketplace.

There are 05 levels of GENI Passes: Stone, Topaz, Citrine, Ruby, and Diamond, built on the BEP-721 standard. Each Pass will generate a different number of tickets per day for users to play in Practice, PvE and PvP modes. The higher Pass levels, the higher earning rates.

GENI Pass Holders will benefit from many exclusive offers, including:
1. Whitelisted access to 1-month Beta Test, from Dec 15, 2021 to Jan 15, 2022
2. Whitelisted ticket for IDO in Jan 2022
3. Join upcoming Gaming Challnges & Tournaments with very high prize
4. Lucrative access to our Play2Earn mechanics
5. Exceptionally high ROI up to ~4000% annually for one GENI Pass NFT.
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